J. Gran

Sale & Purchase

The first commandment for sale & purchase processes is to have a good network. As shipbrokers, we sit in a stream of information which allows us to find the opportunities.

These opportunities sometimes are found in unexpected places. When the former ferry at Fedje in Western Norway was replaced, we were asked by owner Tide (former HSD) to find a buyer. We found one on St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

After we had brokered agreement on price and other terms, the buyer could take the vessel on a three-week crossing of the Atlantic via the Azores.

"Fedje" is not the only vessel to start a new career under foreign skies. For a number of passenger- and fishing vessels we have located buyers all over the world.

In such cases a large network of contacts at home and abroad is vital, and combined with a level of trust, experience and expertise it makes the buyer and seller confident that the trade is concluded in a good and secure manner.

We find the ship you want.

When we receive an enquiry for a vessel from you as a customer, our job is to have the overall picture. Our knowledge of the market tells us what is available today and, also important; what may be potential sale candidates in the near future. The key to such processes is to have contacts and be creative in finding opportunities for seller and buyer.

After talking with us, three shipping companies bought vessels from each other

The trade mentioned above was the outcome of a long process involving three Norwegian shipping companies - Silfaks Fiskebåtrederi AS, Andreassens Rederi ANS and Fiskebas AS, all looking to replace their vessels. The process was successfully concluded between the three companies through mutual sales/purchases which met their different requirements, such as vessel size and age, fishing rights/licences held by each company, as well as the financial side.


We acted as the broker for the process, and brought it to a successful conclusion - with three satisfied clients.