J. Gran

About us

J. Gran & Co AS is a company with a long history and broad expertise in shipbroking. Founded as early as 1919, we have always been an active partner for shipowners and shipbuilders and we have a broad network of contacts in the industry. Today our business is mainly sale and purchase of vessels and ordering of newbuildings.

Service and follow-up

The typical deal does not exist. Each sale, purchase and newbuilding process is different. From the moment it starts, a long series of telephone calls, e-mails, draft contracts and negotiations must be completed before the deal can be closed.

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you are safeguarded with us as your partner. We coordinate offers and counter-offers. We ensure firm agreements on price, form of settlement, delivery time and responsibilities for buyer and seller. We organise inspections, check that all the papers are in order and prepare contracts between the parties.

All in all, we hold the reins from start to finish of the process.